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  • Applying for Veterans Benevolent Fun funding is designed to be straight forward. All funding is processed by the VBF Board and veteran groups can contact the RSL & Services Clubs Asssoication at any time for information and advice. The VBF is flexible, allowing clubs to provide support efficiently, and often as soon as a need emerges.
    To be eligible to apply, you should be a DGR registered, not-for-profit organisation and provide project and/or services. You are a:
    • Community welfare organisation,
    • Ex-services organisation, or
    • Other service providers which deliver programs, support services, counselling, health services, accommodation and housing assistance, employment and training and other assistance to (current or) former ex-servicemen and women and their families, who may from time-to-time require assistance.
    Please note the VBF may request additional information at any time. Applications should be sent to Applicant Details
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