Beer line cleaning best practice – what’s best?

How well do current beer line cleaning best practices stack up? Are these best practices due for review?

Every publican knows that a clean beer system, with proper procedures in place, is a requirement to serve great beer. The general thinking is a weekly or fortnightly line clean is the only way to go, and these ‘best practices’ have been drummed in to the minds of cellar managers everywhere for decades.

But just how well do these practices stack up? With preventative technologies and new ways to maintain your beer system, is a change of best practice needed?

Alongside the team at Right Beer, we’ve have conducted dozens of bacterial tests at venues across Australia in conjunction with EcoDiagnostics – an accredited food and beverage testing company. The results show a dramatic improvement in beer quality following the introduction of our practices.

The above results, from one of our venues in Darwin, speak for themselves – a big improvement in beer quality, while reducing the frequency of beer line cleans. This is the new standard in clean beer. This test is one of many we have conducted across Australia, with all our results showing amazing results at our venues.

With CellarControl preventing line build-up, the introduction of a mutli-enzymatic cleaning solution such as Maxi-Enzyme and routine sanitation of draught beer components, you will have the best beer quality available.

We’ve been working with pubs and clubs Australia-wide for over 10 years – reducing beer line cleaning costs by up to 80%, with proven results for venues of every size. For more information on CellarControl, visit or call us on 1300 6 WEEKS (693 357).