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Over the last decade a voluntary group of Australian peacekeeping veterans and organisations have been working, under the banner of the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Project (APMP), on a vision to construct a national memorial to commemorate Australian Peacekeeping – past, present and future. Construction has started and the goal is almost in sight.

This Memorial will commemorate the wonderful contribution made “ in the service of peace” by over 90,000 Australian peacekeepers – military, police and civilian – in more than 60 United Nations and other international peacekeeping missions since 1947.

Thanks to grants from the Australian Government supplemented by generous donations from Australian companies, veteran organisations and individuals, the project has now raised 75% of the funds necessary to realise the national memorial as it was originally envisaged following the national design competition.

All design and documentation has been completed and a prototype programme undertaken to identify and eliminate any construction problems.  Furthermore, all materials that had long acquisition times have been purchased and are now held in storage by the construction contractor.

Following approval by the Federal Government and the National Capital Authority, initial construction of the Memorial has commenced at the approved site on Anzac Parade, Canberra.

This Stage includes the site platform and courtyard, including insignia and inscriptions, and the installation of the memorial beam on which all Australian peacekeeping missions will be shown.

The two black monoliths separated by a “golden” lit passageway depicting the role of peacekeepers keeping belligerents apart will then be installed as soon as the remaining $1.1m needed to complete this construction has been raised.  If those funds can be raised by early 2017 there will be a seamless continuation of construction that will ensure that the complete memorial is ready for its dedication on 14th September 2017, the 70th anniversary of the first Australian peacekeepers to leave home to participate in the world’s first peacekeeping mission.

We seek your generous support to raise the additional funds needed to complete the total vision. This project has Designated Gift Recipient (DGR) Status so all donations are tax deductible.

Donate to:

Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Project

BSB 815-000

Account Number 246687