Insight Exchange – Voices of Insight Collection

Clubs are a connection point for many individuals and communities across Australia. The 2015 National Clubs Census estimated there are over 6,000 clubs in Australia, and more than 13m members, and 300m+ visits annually.  The clubs industry has a significant role to play in responding to domestic, family and sexualised violence.

Insight Exchange (an initiative of registered charity Domestic Violence Service Management) has donated a focused role to support the Clubs Industry to become more informed in its understanding of and responses to domestic and family violence, as a workplace, as a business and key connection point with community.

Insight Exchange will prioritise support to clubs who want to make a meaningful difference. Between 55 and 70 per cent of people experiencing domestic and family violence are in the paid workforce (UN Women 2017). The 2022 Clubs Industry strategy will focus firstly supporting in workplace responses and will include access to donated eLearning material and insight-informed resources for leaders and teams.

For clubs who invest in their workplace responses, Insight Exchange is donating a limited number of pop-up galleries for venues to share with visiting members and guests. The pop-up galleries feature the Voices of Insight Collection which is a series of original artworks designed to illuminate visual metaphors and symbols used by Insight Exchange participants as part of how they describe their lived experiences of domestic and family violence to inform social, service and systemic responses.

Each of these artworks was developed by award winning collaborating Artist Louise Whelan and is informed by the participants who shared their voices of insight. Members and guests who view the exhibition will receive a booklet featuring the original artworks and a list of support contacts and resources which may provide a path for victim-survivors to reflect on their experiences and seek support.

Domestic, family and sexualised violence can happen to anyone and is in every postcode and community in Australia. The needs across communities are vast and the work is urgent.

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