Addressing the Skills Shortage: Careers in RSL & Services Clubs

For those of your who joined the ‘Meet the CEO’ webinar a couple of weeks ago, you will have heard that I am very much focused on a range of key areas. One initial pain point I am seeing is the skills shortage across the board. I feel strongly that we have a point of difference and we need to share that loud and proud.

As RSL & Services Clubs we are focal points of our community. We give back to veterans services and to our broader communities – this is an important factor. With generation Y, Z and Alpha – these are generations looking for purpose. They want to be part of organisations that are making a difference. We can provide that and this is how we differentiate ourselves from ‘other’ employers. For everyone else, many have been operating in survival mode and I heard a statistic today that 2020 was the worst year ever for over half of the population. In very real terms, this gives us an opportunity to become employers of choice.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a number of leaders from across the industry already and I have to say, as someone who is extremely passionate about leadership, this is an industry who is focussed on their people. This shouldn’t be understated in this competitive employment landscape.

We are producing a video of the important work that we have been doing in the Veteran’s Benevolent Fund. We will share this in December – I see videos such as this as critical tools to engage with our staff and our community to win their hearts and minds. If you would like a copy of this video to play in your Clubs in late 2021 and early 2022 then we are happy to share this. Again, sharing the significant and meaningful ways that we give back to veterans services and community programs is a key part of the employment puzzle.

You will also start to see some imaging around ‘Careers in RSL & Services Clubs’. I would like to create a groundswell of interest in careers in RSL & Services clubs. We have created a handful of images in a variety of roles to challenge potential employees’ understanding of the types of roles available in clubs. I have seen some innovative ways of recruiting for staff from clubs in their network which I applaud. Let’s work together to elevate our role as employers of choice and to encourage job seekers that they want to explore a career in RSL & Services Clubs.

We are reportedly headed for the great resignation. I would argue we are already well and truly in the eye of the storm, so let’s retain our valued existing employees and attract new employees and give them the support and training that they need to find a ‘home’ in our industry. With a background at a management and leadership body and having recently undertaken certification as a ‘Chief Happiness Officer’, I would like to provide some tips and tools in the coming months to support you in this plight to attract and retain employees. Watch this space.

I would also like to work on engaging with veterans as a long-term plan to secure traineeships and roles within clubs, but I recognise that this may take longer in light of a range of factors.

If you would like to use any of our ‘Careers in RSL & Services’ social media tiles or banners to engage with job seekers, please do let us know via 

Lastly, we are holding our final IN THE KNOW Webinar for the year on Wednesday 8th December at 1pm on ‘Addressing the Skills Shortage’ and we would like to get your clubs input on this topic? Registrations for this webinar open Wednesday 24th November or you can register your interest via

Please do not hesitate to touch base with me via if you would like to discuss this burning issue further.

Margot Smith, CEO