Changes to COVID arrangements for liquor licensees

Last year, Liquor & Gaming NSW issued a Statement of Regulatory Intent (SRI) to convey our relaxed enforcement approach to specific liquor and gaming laws during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As NSW Public Health Order restrictions eased on 18 February 2022 to remove venue density limits and allow singing and dancing, the ongoing SRI arrangements for venues are also changing.

From 14 March:

  • Venues must return to complying with all licence conditions aimed at managing public amenity and safety risks when they can operate at full capacity (for example, requirements for security guards, RSA marshals, ID scanners).
  • Licensed restaurants and small bars can sell takeaway and home-delivered liquor with genuine meal orders only and in limited quantities. All other venues can only sell takeaway liquor if they have an existing licence that allows it. The quantity limits at restaurants and small bars for selling liquor with each customer’s takeaway meal order (for one or more meals) include:
    – one sealed bottle of wine up to 750ml
    – up to six sealed containers with a combined maximum volume of 2.25 litres of either:
      beer
      cider
      ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages, pre-mixed away from the licensed premises
    – up to four house-made cocktails in sealed containers with a combined maximum volume of 1 litre (applies to restaurants only, as small bars have no limit on house-made cocktails)
  • If you offer alcohol delivery, you must also comply with all relevant NSW alcohol delivery laws.

We would like to remind hospitality businesses to check and follow the current Public Health Orders. For the latest COVID business updates and advice, please visit You will find help to understand the Orders and can access guidelines, resources and supporting information for your business.

For full details, please read or download the updated Statement of Regulatory Intent – Regulatory approach in the context of COVID-19 or call us on 1300 024 720.