Gutsy Challenge

Gutsy Challenge TeamThe Gutsy Challenge

Take on a Club Gutsy Challenge; promote healthy lifestyle choices and raise funds for much needed clinical trials research to find a better way to treat these deadly diseases.

At the GI Cancer Institute we promote healthy eating and exercise through our Gutsy Challenge program. Our gutsy vision is to change the lifestyle and eating choices of Australians to make GI cancer a manageable disease for the 24,600 people currently diagnosed each year in Australia.

Did you know that:
• 30% of cancers can be prevented through healthier lifestyle choices
• 3 in 5 Australian adults – that’s 12 million people – are overweight or obese
• 90% of Australians are not eating enough fruit and vegetables

Make a healthy choice and try these healthy recipes or take on a club Gutsy Challenge – you can eat healthy, run or walk.

Club Managers for more information or a monthly healthy recipe to prevent cancer email or visit the Gutsy Challenge webpage.