RSL DefenceCare

About RSL DefenceCare

RSL DefenceCare is a charity and not-for-profit organisation helping Australian veterans and their families in times of need.

We are focused on the lifetime wellbeing of veterans and provide free welfare support and services to veterans and their families.

This includes assistance with DVA claims and appeals, employment assistance, housing assistance and financial assistance.

RSL DefenceCare can help from the time someone joins the Australian Defence Force throughout their life whenever they need a hand.

We can also help family members when they are in need.

RSL DefenceCare’s aim is to help veterans and their families get through tough times and will continue helping as long as it is needed. We are always there.

How you can help

Registered Clubs can donate to RSL DefenceCare under ClubGRANTS categories 1 and 2 in NSW.

Donations are always accepted from organisations and individuals keen to help veterans in need.

Visit for more information about our organisation or to make a donation.

Contact Us
(02) 8088 0388 – Monday to Friday (8:30am – 4:30pm)