Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation

The Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation is a charity established in 1999 to assist people in urgent need of transport to meet their medical and health needs. It helps especially the elderly and those who are physically handicapped who have no one else to turn to be mobile, and to improve and enhance their quality of life.

The Foundation was formed to follow Sir Roden’s example of serving fellow Australians and providing for the neediest in Australia. It started in Sydney with the aim of extending services throughout NSW as the need and opportunity arise.

In its short history it has rapidly grown to meet an important community need through the ‘Pick me Up Service’ as well as providing essential funding through the Special Circumstances Grant.

The Foundation is a self- funded organisation and relies heavily on the support of local community organisations, generous sponsors and benefactors.


The objectives of the Foundation are:

  1. To relieve persons in Australia who are in necessitous circumstances.
  2. To relieve persons who are unable to attend to their necessities of life without transport assistance (including the infirm, the aged, the incapacitated, the disabled, the intellectually impaired and the delinquent.)
  3. To provide to persons who, by reason of their infirmity, age or disability are immobilised, transport to hospital, medical practitioners, social workers or to other venues to obtain the necessities of life.
  4. For the public benefit, to assist persons or organisations providing to persons in Australia direct relief in cases of disability , distress,
    helplessness, misfortune, poverty, sickness and suffering.


To help when there is no one else who can.


“To provide needy Australians and their carers with the transport and financial support necessary to maintain and enhance their quality of life”


  • Responsive: Ensure the transport/mobility needs of the elderly and disabled are being supported and met in a timely manner.
  • Caring: All people that we interact with or provide a service to will be treated with respect, patience and courtesy.
  • Independence: The opportunity for people to remain within their home and local community and benefit from the services that local networks can bring.
  •  Volunteering: Promote and recognise giving and community service, and interaction through, sharing and co-operation between residents living and operating within our community.

How You Can Help?


Can you help?

Volunteer your time and become a driver to help us ensure that we can continue to provide this unique and and wonderful service to those people in need.

So if you enjoy Driving and like making a difference please contact
Phil Beeston on 9357 2801 or Vincent Del Zio on 8765 8661
if you wish to help or obtain further information.

Download the flyer here.


Can you help?

Funding for the Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation is eligible under Category 1 ClubGrant’s funding.

Download the Category 1 ClubGrants Form now.

Please contact the RSL & Services Clubs Association for more details on 02 9233 2624.