Encourage staff and members to VACCINATE!

Because of the nature of our industry, where we invite the local community to enter our premises to enjoy our hospitality, the requirement for all staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect themselves and your patrons is a very important responsibility.

Although there is still some debate occurring in the media and business about whether employers can make it mandatory for staff to be vaccinated, the Association is firmly of the view that all clubs should make it clear to your staff that they should be fully vaccinated, prior to our venues being allowed to reopen. We do believe that this will become a legal requirement by the NSW Government in the near future.

We also support the policy that only fully vaccinated patrons and supplier representatives should be allowed into any venue, once we are allowed to reopen.

The Association has expressed the view to the NSW Government that there needs to be a legal requirement, through a Public Health Order, which applies to all sectors of the hospitality and entertainment industry that staff, supplier representatives and patrons MUST be fully vaccinated to work in or enter venues. This should NOT be left up to individual businesses to decide.

To be consistent in the application of the health and safety requirements for all hospitality venues, it is our duty of care to protect all staff and patrons from possible infection, as much as possible. That will require a strict enforcement of a requirement that all club staff are fully vaccinated to be able to work in a club. Suppliers delivering goods and services into your venue should also need to provide proof of their full vaccination status to enter your premises. This situation should also apply to hotels, restaurants and cafes, cinemas and other places of entertainment.

Club members and patrons will overwhelmingly support you on this policy. They will want to know that it is safe for them to enter your venue and enjoy your hospitality.

Until such legal enforcement is implemented, club management should strongly encourage staff to be fully vaccinated. You should also use your regular communications with club members to strongly encourage them to get themselves and family members fully vaccinated. Advise them that it is likely that Government will implement a “no vaccination, no entry” legal requirement before allowing venues to reopen, so get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible to avoid being restricted from entry.

The issue of access to vaccinations will be resolved within the next few weeks. All areas of the State will have ready access to vaccinations. Your Club could assist this process by offering to become a vaccination centre in your local community. Work with your local GPs and pharmacies to provide this service in your venue.

The sooner our State achieves 80%+ vaccination rates, the sooner we will be able to reopen our clubs. It is in all our interests to assist in achieving this goal.