2021 Nominations Close


The opportunity to participate in a trek across the Kokoda Trail is a privilege akin to a $6500+ scholarship. Participants should therefore understand that it is not a prize, a gift or a right – it is a privileged opportunity to develop personal leadership skills based on the values our Kokoda veterans held dearly – these include personal discipline, mutual respect, trust, mateship, courage and self-sacrifice.

The trek itself is a physically demanding challenge. You will be required to be in adequate physical and medical shape and free of any medical conditions that may prevent them from completing such an arduous personal challenge. You will need to alert us of any potential health problems prior to the trek.

The most important qualities for a successful pilgrimage are a sense of adventure, a positive attitude, a healthy body, an inquiring mind, an abundance of common sense and a good sense of humour. Keep in mind that from the time you arrive at the airport in Port Moresby, until the time you depart at the end of your pilgrimage, you will be led and accompanied by trek leaders and PNG guides. If you prepare yourself adequately for the adventure it will be a pilgrimage you will never forget.