Building a dynamic diversified business

PKF Building a dynamic diversified business Business Fit - Reinventing the wheel - Our world is rapidly changing and so too is the way we consume our products. - Traditional retail is already under significant pressure and with the arrival of Amazon in 2018 this pressure is only going to intensify as our behavioural patterns continue to change and competition adjusts accordingly – or not! On top of this and just to name a few: o We are fast becoming a cashless society as we continue to embrace the wonders of technology. o Our demography continues to evolve with more people living in metropolitan areas and we are much more culturally diverse. o We are eating healthier and we want to know everything about what we consume. o As consumer knowledge increases, so too does a customer‘s expectations and if these aren’t met they have an increasingly big voice in social media. For more information please contact John Tully for more details or visit


Board succession and governance

Board Fit - Integrated Governance Ask yourself; What type of person will be sitting in my director or CEO chair in 2020? It might be you. It might be someone different. If it’s going to be you sitting in that chair in 2020, how have you ‘succeeded’ yourself from yourself sitting in the seat today? That is, how have you continued to add value? If it isn’t going to be you sitting in the seat, what did you do to make sure the person succeeding you is right for your organisation? Succession planning is becoming increasingly strategically important. Preparing for challenges will always involve learning, leadership, and longing to leave an inspirational legacy. Boards need people who can think like an innovator, challenge the status quo, leverage competencies and assets, and recruit innovative CEOs. Boards need people who can abandon their personal agenda, be motivated, and be a team player. The people who drive your club will make or break your club. For more information please contact Shayne Leslie for more details or visit


Strategic Planning

Future Fit - From bankruptcy to industry leading success Looking back over the last 20 years, we have witnessed an ever growing and changing landscape of competition, digital disruption, the rise of Millenials, eSPorts and eGaming, as well as the steady flux of member wants and needs. How will you secure your foundation for the next 20 years? Developing the tools you need to secure the fundamental building blocks for your business is now more critical than ever. The historical industry approach of “we’ll just do what we have always done” will not deliver the successful outcomes for any industry, let alone our highly competitive and heavily legislated industry. Working closely with Boards and Directors, DWS have delivered proven, flexible and successful methods that have assisted multiple clubs to define their business vision and achieve real results in the immediate, short, and long term. Increase your likelihood of developing effective future proofing strategies through an approach that’s thorough, focused, action-oriented, and without ambiguity. Develop your building blocks with DWS Hospitality Specialists. For more information please contact the DWS team for more details or visit


Operational Finance

Profit Fit - Operational Finance At Russell Corporate Advisory we have innovatively guided our clients thought the last 25 years of change in the club industry, and helped prepare to face the changing and challenging times ahead. In 1995, we were talking strategically to clubs about their 2020 vision and now we are just a few years away. We have been working with clubs to be ‘Fit for 2020’ for many years. We help our clients by providing thoughtful, innovative and challenging input in to their planning process. We combine the rigour of developing solid financial and management reporting disciplines and budgeting processes with the humanity that is required to create a successful hospitality venue. We see the common-sense of successful business being based upon disciplined and controlled environments, balanced with the recognition that to be in the hospitality business we have to have the human resource frameworks and marketing creativity to give that competitive edge. We need to create a place and an environment that is hospitable. At Russell Corporate Advisory we appreciate the challenges of the future but we have a heritage that comes from our long involvement with and appreciation of the history of our clubs and industry. We are uniquely placed to help clubs face the future and be ‘Fit for 2020’. For more information please contact Greg Russell for more details or visit


Dust off your clubs constitution and get fit for 2020

Legally Fit - Constitutions A dusty old Constitution on a shelf in the office, or one which isn’t well put together, can complicate operational matters and even hold the Club back from undertaking projects. • Is your Constitution a living document which helps you to manage the Club and plan for the future? • Is it your go-to-guide for understanding members’ rights, conducting Board elections, and establishing the Board’s powers? Ask yourself: • Are our values and unique character as a registered club clearly defined and how can we maintain this into the future? • Does our Constitution comply and meet our obligations to members and our community? • Is our Constitution readable and easily understood? • Our membership is growing, is our Board structure representative? • Do our Board eligibility criteria help to attract experienced and committed Club members to stand for election? • Is our Constitution flexible enough to respond to a changing environment and support our projects for the future? • Are we engaging well with our members? Should we streamline our membership application process, implement better reporting, or improve our disciplinary procedure? For more information please contact Brett Boon for more details or visit


Membership engagement

Digital Fit - Membership Engagement tic technologies has many years of experience, providing professional proprietary software, custom development and marketing expertise within a range of industry sectors, particularly within the Club & Hospitality movement. tic is at the forefront of creating; developing,integrating and deploying digital solutions; now and for the future. tic’s founder and Managing Director, Rhonda Bowen and her partner, Senior Software and Database engineer and integrator, Michael Campbell, work with Boards, CEOs, Marketing Managers, HR Managers, Operations Managers and Senior Management, to ensure the right digital solution is an investment for now and into the future. When you engage tic, you will: - Discover if you are viewing and spending your digital budget as an investment or as ‘disposable’ dollars. - Discover how investing in a holistic integrated solution can work for you and will be your best choice, whether you have 1 Club or many entities. For more information please contact Rhonda Bowen for more details or visit