Keno has launched an exciting new campaign featuring their mollusc mascot, Ken, to help your club release more kraken good times.

Keno is helping your customers find their numbers with a fresh, creative campaign featuring its orange tentacled, brand ambassador, Ken the Kraken, that will run from 18 April until September.

The campaign features on Catch-up TV, online video, social and digital media, as well as via in-venue and a range of outdoor executions including billboards and bus shelters.

Digital and other in-venue assets have been created to inform customers about the new My Keno Numbers platform, which generates customers’ own, personalised, set of numbers.

The video sees Ken dive deep into his mind to help his mates pick their numbers for a group game of Keno and, as with the previous campaign, the Keno game card features in the outdoor creative.

The focus on numbers is designed to help more players into the game, according to Keno’s Head of Brand Marketing, Scott Colvin.

“Keno is the game that makes a good time great, but new and casual players can be put off by a perceived complexity,” explains Colvin.

“The idea is to help customers to choose their numbers utilising the My Keno Numbers platform. Ken is smarter than your average cephalopod, but he knows how to keep it simple and is reinforcing it’s as easy as just picking pick your numbers and playing.”

The second objective of the campaign is to create contextual triggers for play, keeping Keno top-of-mind, in that any number customers see might prompt a thought to play, says Colvin.

“The idea is that when people see different numbers in their club, at home, on the street, in a cab or at work, it’s a little trigger to think,

‘That’s going on my Keno ticket’.

“Or if they need that bit of help to pick their numbers, they can turn to the My Keno numbers web site for inspiration.

“Any number they see or is special to them could be the one that wins them a million dollars or more.”

The campaign was developed by Clemenger Brisbane and the feature spot was directed by Alex Feggans via Taxi Film, and post-produced at Brisbane’s Cutting Edge.

To download your club’s new Kraken assets, visit

Choosing numbers a breeze with fun, new site

In conjunction with its new numbers-focussed Kraken campaign, Keno has launched the My Keno Numbers platform, which enables players to select their own special numbers.

Players simply need to visit, choose how many numbers they would like to play, and complete the quiz.

The quiz will generate a personalised Keno game card for players that will show them exactly how to mark their numbers on their entry.

“My Keno Numbers is a fun and easy way to determine a set of numbers individualised to a particular player,” according to Keno’s Head of Trade Engagement and Operations, Ralf Bzdega.

“From how many countries they have visited, to questions about their age, star sign, first job, and even how long they have known their best friend – players simply answer the questions and their specially tailored numbers will be revealed.

“Once the game card is generated, players can save it to their phone for the next time they visit their favourite local club and feel like a spot of Keno,” says Bzdega.

“We know plenty of Keno players out there who love to play their special numbers, and often we have players whose unique numbers have won them hundreds and even millions of dollars.”

A Redlands woman relived the moment her favourite nine numbers were drawn, one by one, winning her a Keno Classic jackpot of more than $260,000.

“I’ve always played the same birthday numbers. To see them come up today is just mind-blowing.” she told Keno following the win.
With My Keno Numbers, perhaps one of your customer’s personal, combination of numbers might deliver them a win soon!