Keno promo smartens up February!

February is the smart time to drive Keno in your club and boost customer engagement with the game.

Following the success of Keno’s Smart TV In-Venue Prize Promotion in February 2020, Keno will be running the popular promo again this February, offering RSL and Services Clubs a way to boost their sales following the Christmas holiday period.

Keno’s February Major promotion will combine a national major prize with 500 (225 Gold and 275 Silver) in-venue prize promotions, all linking to an overarching theme of TV and Entertainment.

The promotion commences on Sunday 31 January and runs until Saturday 27 February, with the major prize component being eight TV and Entertainment Packs, valued at $10,000 per pack.

Two winners will be selected each week, with players required to spend just $10 on any Keno product to enter, and then scan their ticket.

There was an almost five per cent increase in both Keno turnover and in-venue sales for the same period the previous year during the promotion period, according to Keno’s Head of Trade Engagement and Operations, Ralf Bzdega.

“Keno turnover increased by 4.7% overall versus the same period the year prior, and venues that ran the Smart TV In-Venue Prize Promotion outperformed those that didn’t by 5.8%,” says Bzdega.

“This promotion represents a great opportunity to acquire new customers and reward existing Keno players.”
Bzdega notes the in-venue promotions were snapped up by venues, proving the popularity of Keno’s Local Area Marketing product.

The in-venue prizes – either a 65″ Series 8 Hisense UHD 4K Smart TV, valued at $2,500, or a 50” Series 8 Hisense UHD 4K Smart TV, valued at $,1200, depending on the package level – can be won by Keno players who spend $10 on any Keno product and will automatically receive a raffle ticket to complete and place in a barrel.

“This promotion is different to all other Keno promotions, because it offers a highly-valued major prize supported by a strongly-desired in-venue prize,” Bzdega explains.

“Unlike current Keno venue promotions, the February Packages will be supercharged to include high-value local prizes, long and short-term physical POS, and venue-specific digital and CRM activity.

The major promotion will be supported by a landing page, where clubs participating in the in-venue promotion will be prominently featured with a venue finder, as well as promoted via a personalised EDM to all known Keno customers from participating venues.

To download your club’s promotion marketing assets, visit Keno Connect to order your promo today.