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Unlock and maximise the value of your club’s assets


There are few commercial valuations providers in the market today with the depth of registered clubs valuations expertise as GVS.

GVS’ exceptional track record with registered clubs is based on our appreciation of:

  • increasing amalgamation activity and mergers between larger and more junior clubs
  • clubs ongoing need for capital works, refurbishment and maintenance to attract patrons
  • diversification trend into other beneficial community services, i.e. childcare, gymnasiums, aged care
  • complexities in land titles, historical ownership and investment properties and other landholdings
  • scrutinised legislative, regulatory, and political environment in which clubs function
  • pressures and constraints inherent in your unique position in the community
  • complex funding and operational relationships you maintain with government, regulators, Clubs NSW, RSL Australia and the wider community
  • thorough working knowledge of the audit and insurance frameworks with which clubs must comply
  • increasing need for creative approaches to unlocking and maximising the value of your assets to secure your future


GVS can help your club understand the value of the assets available to leverage so you can unlock and maximise their value.

Club operations have evolved rapidly since the 1990s; and we see many clubs missing out on the full benefits a commercial valuation can bring to their operations, financial viability and communities.

Much more than a bank valuation, done right, commercial valuations can:

  • unlock development and investment opportunities
  • speed up amalgamations and mergers
  • improve your attractiveness to lenders and increase your borrowing power
  • release funds to finance improvements and other activities for community benefit
  • bring your insurance values and cover 100% up to date.


Having worked with NSW Clubs over two decades, no other valuations provider has as much experience and insight as GVS into the issues Clubs face and the opportunities now available.

GVS experience includes working with these clubs providing routine commercial valuations along with valuations to assist amalgamations and to pursue renovations, developments and income generating asset projects:

           Mounties Group

  • Valuation services to support Mounties amalgamation with numerous other clubs
  • Valuations for Mounties accommodation assetsthroughout NSW; requiring a different approach
  • Supporting Mounties redevelopment of Harbord Diggers

           Penrith Panthers

  • Asset reconciliation at various sites to enable upload to Panthers IT systems
  • entry to their financial statements

           Revesby Workers Club

  • Valuations to assist Revesby Workers manage their diverse activities and large portfolio of investment properties by complying with audit and insurance requirementsCabramatta Bowling Club & Bundeena RSL Club
  • Valuations to support merger
  • Post-fire market valuation performed at Bundeena to assist with amalgamation
  • Valuation after Bundeena rebuilding finalised to enable

            Bankstown Sports Club

  • Ongoing assessment of a large portfolio of assets (including various investment properties)South Sydney Juniors
  • Valuation work to support their amalgamation with Malabar RSL and Mascot RSLDee Why RSL Group
  • Assessment of ‘exit’ fees and market value for resale purposes of individual retirement units within their seniors’ living village.Why GVS? We miss nothing!

    More than a mere bank valuation, if you’ve made improvements through a renovation, or acquired land, or other assets, GVS will ensure 100% of your position is accurately captured to support and evidence any funding and loan applications and other planned improvements.

    GVS offers clubs big and small:

  • Identification of high-value assets “missing in action” or previously overlooked, i.e. not where their asset register states they are located allowing asset to be located; or written-off.
  • Access to exceptional registered clubs valuations experience spanning RSLs, leagues, workers, bowling and sporting clubs
  • Focussed and personalised service from a cohesive and disciplined team of first-rate valuers who are clubs specialists
  • A team that understands the relationships, politics and stakeholders in the sector from Clubs NSW, Leagues Clubs Australia, RSL Australia and State Government
  • An efficient service model with minimal to nil disruption to staff and operations
  • Valuations conducted in accordance with all relevant Australian Accounting Standards and minimal follow up questions from the auditors
  • Well-designed work processes and careful quality assurance with reports available in a variety of formats
  • Reassurance from a team of certified valuers, fully insured (with $20M in professional indemnity and no claims since inception)
  • Highly competitive pricing options and different valuations to support your budget, insurance, tax and planning.


GVS is one of the few commercial valuations providers active in the market today with the right mix of experience and skills to deliver impartial, accurate and value for money club valuations – whatever your size

  • Full valuations of land, buildings, infrastructure, plant and machinery for all purposes (i.e. insurance, acquisition, leasing, development, accounting and asset management).
  • Valuations which can be provided on an individual asset (land and buildings, plant and machinery) basis, or on a combined package basis.
  • Other advice and assistance including: negotiations for purchase, merger, lease, disposal and development of properties.


We highly value clubs as clients, and would appreciate an opportunity to compete for your business when you are ready

If you would like to schedule a no obligation and confidential discussion please get in touch with our Managing Director, Phillip Warren or our Director, Naomi Warren on one of the numbers below.

In the meantime, you can learn more about GVS at our website

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