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Mapcite has the capability which allows a club to easily identify and aggregate disparate data sets, focused on geospatial data, and present that visually for greater insight. This is called location intelligence: everything happens somewhere; and knowing where helps tells you why!

Clubs capture a raft of data across various applications, about their members and visitors. However, there are very few platforms which can easily ingest, analyse, and visualise the combined disparate data sets: that is what’s available via a Mapcite engagement. All images can be drilled down for greater granularity and underlying analytics.

When Clubs data is combined with regional demographic and other available data, you will better understand:

  • Where your members live.
  • What is the profile of your regular club visitors?
  • How much, when, and on what, members and visitors spend.
  • How to engage your members better to service their personal preferences.
  • How to track and manage problem gamblers and abusers of alcohol.
  • Essentially, how to grow your club’s membership, attendance, and service levels!
  • All this is presented in easily understandable visual graphics.

If you would like to know about Mapcite and how they can help your club please visit

Steve Walker

Head of Sales
Mobile: +61 418 438294

Christian Fletcher

Data Strategy Consultant
Mobile: +61 409 724 869