Meris Food Equipment

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RSL Clubs are always on the hunt for the latest trends, technology, and products that can help them grow revenue, improve productivity, and better serve their patrons.

RSL Clubs face a range of unique food service challenges. Smaller clubs may struggle with adequate space, skills, and resources to serve food. Many clubs have trouble attracting chefs, particularly in regional areas. Larger clubs may find providing foodservice to distributed areas of a club such as sports bars and cafes difficult or struggle to retain late-night patrons after the kitchen shuts. 

At Meris, we are all about helping RSL Clubs overcome these challenges via our innovative range of food equipment, which is designed to produce high-quality hot food without the need for a kitchen or skilled operation. 

Key to our equipment offering is the Perfect Fry, an automated benchtop fryer that enables clubs to offer a range of hot fried food products, such as hot chips and chicken wings. This can enable bar staff to serve a range of delicious hot food dishes to patrons and in so doing provide lots of potential benefits including:

  • A new source of revenue for clubs that previously haven’t been selling food.
  • The ability to offer food in a secondary location such as a café. Bussing food from the kitchen to various areas of a club is labour intensive and interruptive in busy times, the Perfect Fry allows sub-food offers in various locations.
  • Reduces overheads by allowing the kitchen to close in quiet times, but still having food available.
  • RSA compliance, provision of food at all hours alcohol is served.
  • The Perfect Fry can be safely operated by ANY staff member.
  • The Perfect Fry is one ‘box’/piece of equipment that cooks a huge range of foods, a whole menu from one piece of equipment.

Meris Food Equipment has a range of other benchtop cooking equipment such as pizza ovens, and slow cookers that can enable clubs to offer an even wider range of food without the need for a kitchen or skilled labour. 

We are a solutions-focussed equipment provider, which means that we also assist with the design and placement of equipment installation, menu development, relationships with appropriate food and packaging suppliers, merchandising, staff training, repairs, and servicing, and ongoing support around measurement and improvement. 

Meris is a family-owned business that has grown on the back of our strong customer relationships. We provide great customer service, whether you are a mega-club or a small volunteer-run club; city-based, or in a remote regional location.

You are welcome to visit us at our show room (by appointment) where you can view and use the equipment for yourself.

Our team would be happy to meet with you to discuss your business requirements and find the best equipment solution to meet your needs.


Michael Brick
M: 0421 992 015

Andrew Brick
M: 0425 777 229