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The RSL & Services Clubs Association values the contribution and support of our Corporate Partners.

Please take the time to look through the list of partners. Member Clubs are encouraged to consider our Corporate Partners, when considering the purchase of products and services.

Our client services include;

  • Active Job Board Advertising (for those wanting to place an ad without any Recruitment Service) includes;
    • Ad on White Now website for 30 days,
    • Company logo on the ad,
    • Ad written for you from scratch if you wish (or we can tweak it to make it shine),
    • Job vacancy listed in the fortnightly White Now Newsletter and
    • A powerful, graphically designed ad image designed specifically for your job vacancy and company posted to our Social Media sites.
  •  Talent Sourcing through either SEEK and/or LinkedIn.
  • Shortlisting Service designed to be most effective for recruiting mid-level, senior and executive positions.
  • Full Recruitment Service when a highly specific, intense and critical process where focused guidance and assistance are seen as an advantage by the client.
  • General Employment Consulting.
  • FinxS / DISC Psychometric Profiling is an easy online behavioural profiling tool to better understand your people’s strengths, development areas, what motivates and demotivates, and how best to communicate and retain them.
  • Australian National Police Checks are CrimTrac accredited and will detail all disclosable criminal history entries that are recorded for an individual in any Australian police agency.
  • Australian Professional Qualification Checks will verify an individual’s Australian qualifications directly with the professional organisation.
  • Request For Tender (RFT) Document Development for Contract Catering Recruitment.
  • Resume Review and Advice for candidates who want an experienced person to cast an eye over their resume and offer advice as to how to improve their documents and the way they are presented to potential employer.
  • Buy n Sell Ads advertising New and Used Items.
  • Salary Surveys.

The White Now team have established themselves as the most affordable, honest and friendliest service providers in the Club Recruitment space.

What your colleagues say about White Now;

“The entire process of finding a new job or staff can be daunting and time consuming. Through Jenny and her staff, this process was made so much easier and it felt very personal. This should be the only website you look at when recruiting or finding a job. Thank you so much.”
Mr David Kim, Gaming Manager, Merrylands RSL Club

“Using White Now to recruit, you do come to expect a high level of service. They have been operating for over 15 years and their service level is legendary in the Club industry. Many ‘fly by nighters’ have come and gone, all making promises that never meet the level of White Now. Obviously, they could not match the White Now organisation. White Now’s good name throughout the industry means they have the best potential applicants waiting for the right job and as a follow on the future employer attracts the right applicants for that position.”
Mr Bryn Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Merrylands RSL Club

“White Now, through their reputation and professional service, has helped me recruit several exceptional candidates by attracting well regarded industry professionals to their website.”
Mr Gerard Boyle, Chief Executive Officer, Mosman RSL Club

“Where does everyone look for club jobs? White Now. Why? Because it is the best club employment site there is. So as a club White Now is a must for advertising positions particularly for key roles and management. White Now has always made life easy when recruiting due to the professionalism of Jenny and her team. I can pass on the essential information for job ad knowing that I will get a professionally written advertisement published across all desired advertising channels with no hassle and lightning fast. Further to this I will get applications for a quality pool of applicants from the club and related industries. The use of White Now has on many occasions resulted in successful recruitment of many staff over many years. The service from white now is well established and second to none.”
Mr Angus Rimmer, General Manager, Avalon Beach RSL Club

White Now are industry leaders chosen time after time by Clubs to assist with recruitment at all levels, having helped to placed 1000’s of employees into jobs in their many years of serving the Club industry. The White Now team stand by their values of integrity, respect, innovation, quality and excellence in customer service that has gained them a faultless reputation which is second to none.

White Now
PO Box 458

Phone: 02 9807 1806
Email: info@whitenow.com.au
Website: http://www.whitenow.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whitenowwiz/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/white-now-
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JennyWhiteNow
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wizwhitenow/

Jenny White – Director – 0417 223 286
Sarah Watts – Recruitment Administration Manager – 0438 800 807
David Younie – Recruitment Administration Coordinator – 0406 259 682