The future of ATMs in pubs and clubs

The role of the ATM is changing with society’s diminished requirement for cash, and the increase in the use of mobile and digital payments. As a result, worldwide innovation is occurring, changing the face of the ATM. However, how ATMs develop in pubs and clubs could differ.

There are signs that modern venues are becoming one-stop entertainment and lifestyle destinations, with sporting facilities, entertainment offerings, bars and restaurants, and shopping as well as gaming.

Could it be that ATMs in pubs and clubs evolve to serve a broader purpose than just cash access?

As digital payments become more commonplace right across the globe, there is some speculation that cash will disappear from society as soon as 2025.

The RBA states that Australian consumers are using electronic payments in preference to cash for many transactions, however, it looks as though there will still be a role for cash in the future, albeit a niche one.

So what does this trend mean for the future of ATMs?

Australia’s pub and club industry is a little more dependent on cash than many, thanks to strict gaming regulations. Therefore, having an ATM dispense cash to patrons will remain a core service within this industry.

However, ATM vendors like Banktech are firmly focused on usage trends, transitioning the ATM into the digital age.

Banktech has re-imagined the role of the ATM with ATMPlus. ATMPlus will offers a wide range of transactions, and when fully developed may include depositing funds into wallets, paying bills, topping up transportation cards, converting foreign currency and more, Banktech aims to enable the cash infrastructure to support digital transactions.

So what does the future look like?

For pubs and clubs, where cash is still required, there is an opportunity to think about the products and services that can bridge the gap between the cash and digital world, as well as offer diverse utility that will be valuable to members and customers.