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Swiss 8 is a health promotion charity founded by Combat Veterans. We are disrupting the current, reactive, mental health care model and making it proactive.

Our veterans have lived experience in dealing with disconnection, loss of identity, loss of purpose, anxiety and depression. Swiss 8 is taking this lived experience to create tools for veterans, and the general public, that assist in building a healthy, high performing lifestyle.

These digital tools and certified courses will help you connect with your tribe, structure your life for success, create your new identity and find purpose in your existence.

They will make you, Better at Life.


I left the army in 2011. An infantry section commander with a positive career path and strong life purpose. I wanted to be a soldier for life, but life itself had other ideas.

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While this app is designed to reduce anxiety and depression, the benefits don’t stop there. Build routine, create structure, improve discipline and take ownership of your life. Become the optimised, high performing version of yourself.


Available in both IOS and Android click the links below to view the Swiss 8 app in your chosen store. The app is free for military veterans. It is available to the general public for a monthly subscription fee. Every month you pay your subscription, you are helping fund access for 1 veteran.

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We are a registered Health Promotion Charity. Every donation over $2 is tax deductible

Swiss 8 is a health promotion charity, registered with the ACNC. To ensure we can keep this organisation running and keep this proactive tool in the hands of the people who need it, we rely on support from people like you.

Donate today or get in touch to find out how you can support veterans and mental health.

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