When the Accidental Counsellor is you

The RSL & Services Clubs Association, in partnership with our colleagues at Leagues Clubs Australia, is proud to announce the return of the partnership with Lifeline to promote the “Accidental Counsellor” Program for Club staff, Directors and local community services agencies. We were trying to get this program started in February/March but COVID forced its cancellation.

The aim is to start the new program in late January 2021 and on into February.

The “Accidental Counsellor” is a four-hour workshop focusing on the core skills necessary to engage with a person struggling to cope with their day-to-day life, due to stress, mental health issues, domestic violence, substance abuse or other crises. Every person could come across a colleague, a neighbour, a friend or family member, a patron or a team member who is experiencing trouble managing issues and life’s daily grind. When you work in a community organization – a local sports club, a community service group, a licensed club, youth group, school or other organization – you may find yourself in a position where support and guidance is required.

The Workshop can be conducted online via Zoom if that is your preference. The Course can be split into two 2 hour sessions to make it easier to manage. Please advise if that is your preferred mode of delivery.

The training provided by the “Accidental Counsellor” Program may help you to make a difference in that person’s life and help them to better manage life’s challenges.

Lifeline is providing these Workshops at a significantly discounted rate of $100 per person for our member clubs, with classes up to 25 people.

We are encouraging our Clubs to consider running one or more of these Workshops in your venue or region, for the management, staff and club members, as well as coaches, managers and players of teams in sports clubs that you support, or any community group that you may fund. These workshops can be run at your Club and are Category 1 Club Grants compliant. If you agree, once you have settled on a date with Lifeline, they will set up an online Workshop Registration link for your staff and other potential participants in your area to use to register and pay for their attendance.

Please download the flyer below for more information about the “Accidental Counsellor” Workshop and contact our office, 02 9233 2624 or admin@rslservicesclubs.com.au with your Expression of Interest for a course at your Club or in your region and we will provide your details to Lifeline to make the arrangements.

Your participation in this Program would be appreciated.

CLICK HERE to download Accidental Counsellor flyer